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StudMath-IT 2019 Student Conference Awards


First Prize

New Subclasses of Univalent Functions on the Unit Disc in the Complex Plane. General Distortion Results

Eduard Stefan Grigoriciuc

Second Prize

About a Maxmin Optimal Solution of Financial Arbitrage Problem

Mădălina-Andreea Mitran

Third Prize

A Note on the Density of the Domain of m-accretive Operators in Banach Spaces

Gheorghe Ionuț Șimon

Wavelet Transform vs Fourier Transform

 Nadia-Parmena Ștefan

Honorable Mention

A New Approach to the Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey System

David Brumar

Divine Proportion and Relation with Fibonacci and Lucas Strings 

Kasler Estera and Marc Marinela Roxana

Wold Decomposition from Stochastic Processes to Operator Theory and Back

Cosmin Alb and Florin Popa


First Prize

Travelling Using the Shortest Route

Gros Bogdan-George and Lestyan Emanuel Andrei

Sites’ Vulnerabilities Analysis Against Cyber-Attacks

Darius Moldovan and Samir-Cosmin Moldovan

Second Prize

Treenventory - Mobile Application for Sustainable Development

Diana Pleșca

ShopiFun - Mobile Application for Smart Shopping

Francesca Tanca

Third Prize

Sharing Opinion Forum

Marin-Eusebiu Șerban and Paul-Robert Ceolca

Remote Operated Irrigation System

Daniel Durbacă, Daniel Hanes and Eduard Bumbu

Wireless Communication of Sound Piggybacked by Light

Iosif-Iulian Mureșan, Henssel Stepanek and Alexandru Haliț

Honorable Mention

Arduino Based System for Earthquake Detection

Casian Octavian Draga, Daniel Pavel Neamțiu

Histograms Using Matlab and Excel

Adina-Maria Ciule, Oana-Claudia Miron, Ancuța-Sena Jivan and Iasmina Anamaria Știubei

Informational System of Evaluation of the University Educational Process

Țurcanu Valentina, Musienco Victoria, Andrei Grosu and Orhan Gasanov

Machine Learning for the Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Diseases – A Review

Alexandru Crăciun, Lavinia-Roxana Aramă


First Prize

Non-Euclidean Geometry in Virtual Reality

Alexandru-Mihai Coșarcă

Second Prize

Creating Art Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Miloš Todorović, Aleksandar Ivanović, Aleksa Ćuk and Branivoj Miljković

Third Prize

Real-Time Sign Language Fingerspelling Recognition

Andreea-Denisa Ciforac

Voice Recognition Based Node Graph Traversal 

Vlad Jurj and Paula Barna

Analyzing a Post-Quantum Cryptosystem

Popoviciu Alexandru

Honorable Mention

Mobile Development Architecture

Sorin Miroiu

Annual Leave Management System

Goșa Tudor Bogdan, Hegyi Vilmoș and Popovici Cătălin Adrian

LLouisConverter - Application for Text to Braille Conversion

Roberto-Stefan Stefancic, Roland Kovacs and Florin Trutiu


Special Prize

Chess Engine  

Filea Răzvan Gheorghe

Designing an Intelligent Decision Support System for Diagnosing Mental and Behavioral Disorders in Epilepsy

Alexandru Beldiga

Nanotechnology as Support for Retina Microsurgery  

Mircea Weingart and Orest Vascan

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